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Austin is the capital of Texas and is in the central part of the state in Travis County. It is also home UT Austin with a student body of more than 50,000. Austin’s dominant demographic is young and highly educated. The Texas Legislature convenes every two years right in the heart of town. Downtown Austin is in the midst of an unprecedented boom in high rise condo building.

This is a vibrant, growing city of just under a million. It is also the live music capital of the world and boasts two orchestras, a ballet and lyric opera. Austin hosts SXSW every spring and numerous music festivals throughout the year. Sixth Street, Red River, South Lamar and South Austin are the live music hotspots but there are many great restaurants, world-class hotels, spas and colorful shops sprinkled around the city.

Ladybird Lake runs east west through town and is used regularly by the university rowing team. Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding are also popular. Motorboats are prohibited. The lake divides the city from the area known as South Austin.

AUSTIN Categories

Austin Lofts
The Loft Style of living is alive and well in Austin!

Austin Luxury Condos
High-end finishes, great views and great amenities attract buyers to these luxury condos.

Austin High Rise Condos
A central location and great views are two reasons to consider living in an Austin high rise condo.

Austin Townhomes
Townhomes are great for buyers that like a little more room without the extra expense and upkeep of a single-family home.

Austin Garden Patio Homes
They aren't building patio homes much anymore, but buyers still like some space with no steps.

New Construction Condos in Austin
Newly built condos and townhomes in the Austin area.

UT Austin Campus Condos
Live near the U.T Austin!

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AUSTIN RegionActive
Min PriceMax Price

AUSTIN CENTRAL197$529$85,000$6,995,000
AUSTIN EAST65$302$134,900$779,000
AUSTIN NORTH CENTRAL36$237$99,999$710,000
AUSTIN NORTHWEST47$207$145,000$639,000
AUSTIN SOUTH116$319$102,888$925,000
AUSTIN SOUTHEAST42$203$99,800$689,900
AUSTIN SOUTHWEST9$190$239,000$367,000
AUSTIN WESTLAKE17$292$236,900$1,295,000

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Browse by AreaActive
Min PriceMax Price

DOWNTOWN AUSTIN102$691$322,800$6,995,000
NORTH LOOP3$270$129,900$225,000
OLD WEST AUSTIN6$477$380,000$1,300,000

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CommunityActive ListingsPrice Range

1010 W 103 Listings Priced from: $895,000 to $1,300,000
1306 WEST7 Listings Priced from: $415,000 to $442,010
2020 CONGRESS 1 Listing Priced at $257,000
206 LIVE OAK2 Listings Priced from: $589,000 to $625,000
2220 LEON 1 Listing Priced at $85,000
360 CONDOMINIUMS7 Listings Priced from: $377,950 to $559,000
404 WEST ALPINE3 Listings Priced from: $469,758 to $634,589
5TH AND WEST2 Listings Priced from: $680,000 to $1,495,000
70 RAINEY3 Listings Priced from: $748,200 to $2,318,250
8888 TALLWOOD 1 Listing Priced at $194,000
ALLANDALE 1 Listing Priced at $159,900
ARBOR RIDGE 1 Listing Priced at $249,900
ARBORS2 Listings Priced from: $154,999 to $279,500
AUSTIN CITY LOFTS2 Listings Priced from: $739,000 to $1,200,000
AUSTIN RIVERTREE 1 Listing Priced at $249,800
AUSTONIAN10 Listings Priced from: $819,500 to $6,995,000
AVENEL AT HYDE PARK3 Listings Priced from: $218,000 to $230,000
AVENUE A 1 Listing Priced at $152,500
AVENUE LOFTS 1 Listing Priced at $474,200
BALCONES TOWERS2 Listings Priced from: $174,000 to $219,950
BALCONES VILLAGE2 Listings Priced from: $299,000 to $319,900
BANISTER ACRES2 Listings Priced from: $525,000 to $575,000
BARTON PLACE3 Listings Priced from: $350,000 to $895,000
BARTON TERRACE 1 Listing Priced at $238,000
BECKETT PLACE 1 Listing Priced at $299,700
BELLA TERRA 1 Listing Priced at $298,000
BLUFFS AT BALCONE 1 Listing Priced at $465,000
BOULDIN CREEK8 Listings Priced from: $224,000 to $815,000
BRANDYWINE 1 Listing Priced at $152,000
BRAZOS PLACE5 Listings Priced from: $322,800 to $349,995
BRIDGES ON THE PARK 1 Listing Priced at $624,000
BRODIE HEIGHTS 1 Listing Priced at $243,000
BURNET 643 Listings Priced from: $128,000 to $329,000
CAMBRIDGE2 Listings Priced from: $435,000 to $598,500
CARDINAL LANE 1 Listing Priced at $620,000
CASWELL LOFTS 1 Listing Priced at $359,900
CENTENNIAL2 Listings Priced from: $341,945 to $379,900
CHIMNEY CORNERS TOWNHOUSES 1 Listing Priced at $315,000
COLINA VISTA 1 Listing Priced at $399,000
COLUMBIA OAKS 1 Listing Priced at $187,900
COOPER VILLAS2 Listings Priced from: $249,000 to $249,000
COPPERTREE 1 Listing Priced at $135,000
CORNERSTONE 1 Listing Priced at $225,000
CREEKSIDE TERRACE2 Listings Priced from: $179,900 to $249,900
CRESTVIEW NORTH 1 Listing Priced at $435,000
CROIX CONDOMINIUMS 1 Listing Priced at $210,000
DAVIS PLACE 1 Listing Priced at $334,900
DE SALIGNY2 Listings Priced from: $899,950 to $1,075,000
DENIZEN 1 Listing Priced at $320,000
DOMINION 1 Listing Priced at $215,000
EAST 5TH 1 Listing Priced at $314,000
EAST END FLATS 1 Listing Priced at $217,000
EASTLINE4 Listings Priced from: $385,000 to $429,000
EASTWOOD 1 Listing Priced at $399,490
EDGECREEK3 Listings Priced from: $99,999 to $168,000
EDGEWICK8 Listings Priced from: $334,620 to $421,854
EIGHT HUNDRED BANISTER PLACE 1 Listing Priced at $289,900
ENCINAL2 Listings Priced from: $380,000 to $495,000
ENCLAVE ON CLAWSON 1 Listing Priced at $585,000
ENDS ON 06 1 Listing Priced at $472,200
ENFIELD3 Listings Priced from: $335,000 to $610,000
ESCONDERA6 Listings Priced from: $400,000 to $724,900
FAIRVIEW COMMONS 1 Listing Priced at $529,000
FIVE FIFTY 059 Listings Priced from: $425,000 to $1,275,000
FLAGSTONE TERRACE2 Listings Priced from: $102,888 to $159,000
FLATS AT 9353 Listings Priced from: $214,900 to $242,900
FLATS ON WILSON 1 Listing Priced at $399,900
FOUNDRY 1 Listing Priced at $359,000
FOURTH AND7 Listings Priced from: $256,000 to $485,000
FOX HOLLOW3 Listings Priced from: $145,000 to $159,500
GABARDINE2 Listings Priced from: $350,000 to $367,000
GREENSLOPES 1 Listing Priced at $155,000
GREENVIEW ON BARTON CREEK4 Listings Priced from: $358,500 to $629,000
GREENWAY LOFTS 1 Listing Priced at $429,000
HAVEN2 Listings Priced from: $319,100 to $375,652
HERITAGE 1 Listing Priced at $595,000
HIGHMARK 1 Listing Priced at $299,990
HOLIDAY SQUARE2 Listings Priced from: $158,900 to $161,000
HUSTON SAM HEIGHTS 1 Listing Priced at $289,990
IMPERIAL 1 Listing Priced at $229,900
IVY 787042 Listings Priced from: $181,000 to $185,000
KRAMER HEIGHTS5 Listings Priced from: $425,000 to $530,000
LA TERRAZA2 Listings Priced from: $740,000 to $848,000
LAKELINE SQUARE TOWN HOMES2 Listings Priced from: $210,000 to $213,000
MADRID 1 Listing Priced at $215,000
MARINA CLUB 1 Listing Priced at $1,100,000
MILAGO5 Listings Priced from: $489,000 to $895,000
MORADO COVE2 Listings Priced from: $309,900 to $320,000
MUELLER9 Listings Priced from: $561,441 to $679,000
NORTH BLUFF7 Listings Priced from: $299,000 to $409,000
NORTH HILLS CLUB TOWNHOMES 1 Listing Priced at $399,000
NORTHEDGE DOMAIN 1 Listing Priced at $319,900
NORWALK SQUARE 1 Listing Priced at $266,000
OAK SHADOWS 1 Listing Priced at $230,000
OLD TOWN2 Listings Priced from: $200,000 to $230,000
ONION CREEK COURTYARD4 Listings Priced from: $259,900 to $289,000
ORLEANS HARBOR 1 Listing Priced at $1,295,000
PADDOCK5 Listings Priced from: $159,900 to $249,900
PARK EAST5 Listings Priced from: $308,770 to $356,050
PARK WEST 1 Listing Priced at $149,500
PARKER RANCH10 Listings Priced from: $279,200 to $365,900
PARMER VILLAS 1 Listing Priced at $218,900
PATTERSON TOWNHOMES 1 Listing Priced at $549,000
PEASE PLACE 1 Listing Priced at $439,000
PECAN PARK PLACE 1 Listing Priced at $269,900
PECOS SQUARE 1 Listing Priced at $525,000
PRESERVATION SQUARE 1 Listing Priced at $315,000
PROVINCE2 Listings Priced from: $788,000 to $895,000
PUBLIC LOFTS2 Listings Priced from: $269,000 to $459,000
RIDGE AT SLAUGHTER8 Listings Priced from: $240,830 to $276,335
RIDGETOP3 Listings Priced from: $129,900 to $225,000
RIVERWALK2 Listings Priced from: $340,000 to $440,000
RIVOLI 1 Listing Priced at $249,000
ROYAL ORLEANS NORTH2 Listings Priced from: $170,000 to $199,000
SAN JACINTO CENTER9 Listings Priced from: $825,000 to $2,695,000
SAN PEDRO SQUARE 1 Listing Priced at $335,000
SEAHOLM RESIDENCES8 Listings Priced from: $372,000 to $899,000
SHADOW OAKS TOWNHOMES2 Listings Priced from: $159,900 to $199,979
SHELLEY HEIGHTS 1 Listing Priced at $779,150
SILVERADO4 Listings Priced from: $99,800 to $142,000
SILVERTON HEIGHTS5 Listings Priced from: $299,900 to $389,000
SKYBRIDGE3 Listings Priced from: $309,000 to $399,000
SMITHFIELD3 Listings Priced from: $268,522 to $287,475
SOLA CITY HOMES 1 Listing Priced at $438,000
SOMA VILLAGE5 Listings Priced from: $325,900 to $364,900
SOUTH SHORE POINTE2 Listings Priced from: $599,900 to $689,900
SPACES 2525 1 Listing Priced at $320,000
SPRING CONDO5 Listings Priced from: $380,000 to $649,000
SPRINGDALE CREEK3 Listings Priced from: $480,000 to $610,000
ST TROPEZ 1 Listing Priced at $925,000
STAR WEST 1 Listing Priced at $229,000
STILLHOUSE CANYON 1 Listing Priced at $299,000
STINSON OAKS 1 Listing Priced at $350,000
STONEHAVEN CONDO 1 Listing Priced at $249,500
SUMMIT COURT 1 Listing Priced at $499,500
SUMMIT OAKS 1 Listing Priced at $269,500
SUNCHASE 1 Listing Priced at $290,000
TERRACE ON SHOAL CREEK 1 Listing Priced at $415,000
TEXAN SHOAL CREEK6 Listings Priced from: $319,900 to $409,900
TEXAN TOWER 1 Listing Priced at $390,000
THE AUSTIN PROPER RESIDENCES3 Listings Priced from: $777,000 to $2,590,000
THE EAST VILLAGE CONDO 1 Listing Priced at $470,000
THE ENCLAVE ON COOPER LANE 1 Listing Priced at $364,000

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